Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sien, so long also no ppl wanna post, so i come post, hoping to 吹起一阵热潮~~ like our title. haha.

I personally like this picture very much, because its taken outside V2 while Moral assignment due date is few days ahead that time. wuahaha..

one word to all of "you" guys in the picture

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Celebration reserved,,,,

Will be added Left 4 Dead impossible mode No Mercy champaign whole story...

Chai wayne and hui + one noob bot>>Bill.......

09 April 2009 --- Impossible 挑战成功

~L4D Impossible 挑战成功~

This time really 七心 lo~ we played for 3 hours and 10minutes... restarted 17times... and killed 5800+ zombies for the No Mercy Campaign. Walao... with only 3 Human players lo.. + 1 noob bot lo---Bill. Although its in memories for 3 ppl lo.. sad..

This story ler. actually have to start from noon lo.. today just went Utar to finish the report and submit only and no class one.. After that..... i still remember when chai and i discussing whether want to 烧 the circuit or not, i said " 等下v2 咯?" (v2 is a cyber cafe at wangsa maju) Then got 2 ppl scare til ride motor back home jo... hahaha.. u know who u r la har~

Then ler.. since the demo date almost come and we dont want to go to lecturer for 3 sentence early in the morning ler.. so we go 烧 the FM circuit. If early in the morning 9am go to Utar for 3 sentence then really sad case liao. The 3 sentence ill dramatise it:

Lecturer: " Does your FM transmitter work? "
w a y n e: " No. "
Lecturer: " OK. Then write your name down and u can go now. "

Finally in the end, we done our circuit jo lo.. and we fulfill another quote again..Some ppl said that: "我们的circuit 啊, 烧之前work 的咯,但是烧了过后就不work 了。" This quote also means, " 烧之前的不work, 烧了过后就会work 的啦~!!"

Of course u know that chai and mine circuit is not work before we 烧 it...and this is the circuit done. Although its our a little range--- 112MHz.. But still ~~So happy~!!

After we finish all the things and prepare to go home ler, we saw the place as shown in the picture below lo..
Walao... its really 真实版 rooftop 的 untouchable room lo...
Sigh.. then i need to 轻轻带过some part to "not important things" bout how chai come to my house with Utar Bus...


Bout night time, its look like wanna rain jo lo.. then Chai need go back home de.. so we decide to cheat teik hui come dinner 顺便 fetch Chai back and "discuss micro p assignment" ..We told him no rain here delo..infact hearing thunder storming.. but in the end we no cheat ppl pun.

~阳光普照at bout 7:30pm~

BUT,after dinner ler..... haih.. 无阴公咯.. Hui was cheated to challenge Impossible at Orange CC lo....
We play so hard lo.. keep dead dead dead.. keep incapacitated fren.. then alot 内讧also ah. haha.. cause the friendly fire in Impossible mode really pain lo.. if salah salah u shoot your teammate with the automatic shortgun ah.. immediately u lost 1 first aid kit lo.. DOWN... This happens alot times with the Bill(AI) lo.. also kena shoot infront.. "中马Bill" ah~~ Then ah.. almost every map we also restart few times lo.. sometimes when almost reaching the safehouse only all Down.. very sad one...Sigh..
Another thing which we felt that very 绝 was the Tank lo. especially the last rooftop finale. The Tank even very smart one lo. Ppl throw molotov he still can "闪Tank" to the side and wont kena 烧 gelor~ Thats y we restarted for total 17times. I believe solely in rooftop we restarted more than 10times... zzz.
haih..讲多无谓,Slide up and watch the video lo.. haha.. Enjoy..the figures..

-still haven calm down from the "rooftop" at 2:10am-

Friday, April 3, 2009

03April~~L4D fever again....Oops wrong liao...Should be HUNTER FEVER~~~!!!

Today friday....
due date for Circuit and System assignment...the 5 people group assignment...
as usual, we did the last minute work at thursday night...【really not a good habit】
whole night Skype group meeting and writing report....【really a noisy night..Lol...】

hui sleep around 3am...choy kit also...
meng wayne and chai ler..5 sth...coz kok meng did the last part-combining...
wayne and chai busy trying hunter new 招式.......【sweat~~~】

so as expected...
morning class chai no go liao...
manatau ler...
when he wake up at 12.45pm ler..he saw 2 misscalls from wayne and choykit at 12.17pm lo..he had a 不想的预感 then....
sms choykit~~no answer phone...
then should know what happened alrdy....
called wayne...
then once wayne picked up the phone, chai heard:"有witch 有witch(teik hui sound lai).......!!!"
walao...L4D lo...!!

ok lo chai then go skul attend IE class at 2pm and guai guai dei study till 6pm lo...
who knows raining ar,,,,
哎呀真系唔好彩啦~~~have to go wangsa maju V2 play L4D while waiting the rain to stop tim...哎呀我好易话为geh,无问题啦........
so....again is L4D lo...

【time:3pm++ venue:canteen 主角:Kok Meng】
Kok meng and me go canteen find wayne and teik hui...
chat chat chat..
Wayne suddenly said:"头先我地去交assignment时lecturer讲要扣分咯.....~~~"
Kok meng and i very furious:"点解啊~~???"

Kok Meng then 好大反应:“佢唔系呀嘛?咁都得?咁依家我地5个人再去交多一次咯ngai佢唔好扣分....”

i then said:"唔系好可信咯...."
Wayne and teik hui 露出淫笑...

Kok meng very fast:"其实我都已经知道左geh不过系想配合阿wayne姐....."

Wayne terus 开枪咯:“俾佢兜~~~~~”

ALL 爆笑...........

P/S:【Sorry KokMeng not my fault i don wan laugh de...】

Monday, March 30, 2009

30/3~~~Fever + flu....What a power system test ~~!!!

juz a word lo..
i mean the Power System test..
don think too much...

the test today is just all about copy..copy..copy and copy...
don wanna mention it again..
mention also sad.

juz wanna tell that im fever plus flu lo today..
such condition still wan me face midterm test...
really scare later i 承受不住 die jor..

cincai la tats all..
no mood....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Due to魔鬼赛程~~One week 3 assignments and 2 lab reports..and powersystem test on 30/03.. will stop operate for one and half week...

will 重见天日 at 30/03/09!!!

Words from I.Akimoto~ Hopefully this 魔鬼赛程 wont incapacitated us all lar~ Good Luck to all 3E student....


Sunday, March 22, 2009

oh my saturday

this is my 1st blog in our3estory
saturday morning i actually plan to 睡到自然醒 de
but tai wei invite me out
so i 8am go to bus stop wait bus
damn waited 40++ mins only bus arrived

then i finnaly reach my destination at 10 sumthingv2?
kok tai wei wor
go cc sure impossible la

actually the plan is go to TJH hse where opp to v2 la
then stay there do homework do so long
tai wei really a good student

when i going back home that time i see this notice
parkir wor
i also not sure what meaning
but i guess should be parking gua...
then go check this word actually is from bahasa indonesian 1
learn a new word today